Rebecca & Jed

Sunday 12th May, 2013 · Sydney, Australia

Our Story

On September 23rd, 2012, Jed secretly installed an app he made on Rebecca’s phone, which led them on a tour of Sydney from breakfast in Surry Hills, to art in Hyde Park, to a walk through the Botanic Gardens and along the Harbour Foreshore, to lunch in The Rocks, and finally to watch the sunset at their favourite spot in Watsons Bay.

When they reached the headland, they came across a romantic picnic secretly prepared by Luke and Amaryllis - at which point Jed dropped to his knee and proposed to Rebecca in Mandarin (which, miraculously, she understood!)

She said yes.


Rebecca Chen is 27 years old and has lived in Sydney and Melbourne for most of her life. She played piano as a child and sings as an adult. Rebecca loves coffee, singing, opera, art, a good steak, kicking back with a glass of pinot noir and travelling (with Jed!)

She is a banker, a singer, a daughter,
a friend and is soon to be a wife.

Jed loves her gorgeous smile,
her keen intelligence, her
caring heart and her
beautiful voice.


Jed Watson is 30 years old and has lived in Sydney his whole life. He sang and played viola as a child and now plays music with his brother whenever he can. Jed loves coffee, cheese, cats, technology, photography, and enjoys creating websites and apps for fun.

He is an entrepreneur, a programmer, a vegetarian, a son, brother, a friend and is soon to be a husband.

Rebecca loves his optimistic nature,
the way his mind works, his
caring heart and his
blue eyes.

Our Wedding

Our ceremony will begin at
1:30 pm at Mosman Art Gallery

The gallery is located on the corner of Art Gallery Way and Myahgah Road in Mosman, about 15 minutes north of the CBD.

There is plenty of street parking available near the gallery, and also several parking stations nearby on Vista St and The Crescent.

If you are coming by public transport, just take any of the bus services that stop along military road. The nearest stop is Spit Junction.


Our reception will be held at
5:30pm at Sergeant's Mess

Sergeant's Mess is located at the end of Chowder Bay Road in Mosman, about 10 minutes drive from the Mosman Art Gallery.

If you are coming by car, there is plenty of parking available at the car park at the end of Middle Head Road. A shuttle service will then transfer guests to the venue.

If you are coming by public transport, the 244 bus goes directly to Chowder Bay and terminates outside Sergeant's Mess.


The Wedding Party

These are the people we are thrilled to have by our side on our wedding day.


Sussan and I met in university where, through 4 years of actuarial studies,
we numbed the pain of life insurance mathematics and statistics with a shared passion for shoes, fashion, coffee, art, opera and all things girly. Through the years she has been my valued confidante, colleague, travel companion and loyal friend.


Kiran and I met in Year 10 when we both started at James Ruse together. Without fail, being around Kiran always makes me happy - she lifts the room with her warmth, vivacious energy and radiance. Kiran loves to take care of everyone around her,
and has a great sense of fun, a passion
for life and a big heart.


Janet and I have been friends since early high school. She will out-organise and out-cook almost anyone, and if you give her the chance she will dominate at trivia (watch out if it’s sports related). Janet is great at those hours-long conversations (especially about boys), and loves to watch my reverse parallel parking skills in action.


Kathryn was the first person I made friends with when I moved to Sydney from Melbourne in Year 7, and we've been friends ever since. She is one of the loveliest, kindest, most compassionate people you could meet, and is the kind of person you can always count on, and talk to about anything without judgement.


What can I say about Luke? My brother, and my best friend. Aside from life itself, Luke is the best gift my parents could ever have given me. He is always there for me, and always on my side - and he's always there with patience, love and support (and food). The last 27 years have been richer for his presence than I can express, and I’m always honored to have him by my side.


Sam and I forged our friendship during long bus rides between North Sydney Boys’ and Mona Vale, which later became epic rollerblading journeys. I was there when he met his wife, and he was the first to tell me Bec would be mine. There are few friends in life you would count as a brother; Sam is one of those to me.


One of the best friends I could ask for, Rob and I have been running a business together since the day we met. We have challenged each other, stood by each other and learned life’s good and life’s hard lessons together. I put up with more shit from Rob than I would dream of with anybody else in the world, and it’s totally worth it.


The first time I met Boris, I was in awe of his design skills, and wanted to learn his secrets. Many years on I am still learning from him, and he is the best sounding board I know. Level headed, Boris is always open to my crazy ideas, and has a knack for bringing out the best in me and everyone around him. Through my best and my worst he is a constant support and great friend.


Your name(s)
Will you be attending?
Will you be driving to Sergeant's Mess?
(if so, we'll arrange a shuttle from the car park)
Notes(dietary preferences, allergies, etc.)
SendPlease ...
Thanks for sending us your RSVP!


If you were thinking of a gift for our new life together,
something in our wishing well would be the perfect treasure.

We look forward to seeing you at our wedding!

Bec & Jed.